D209 Makes Plans Ahead Of March 14 Walkout, No Automatic Suspensions

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

District 209 officials are bracing for demonstrations that are scheduled to take place tomorrow at Proviso East, Proviso West and Proviso Math and Science Academy.

Students at the schools are planning to join young people across the country during what’s being called the Enough National School Walkout, which will take place at 10 a.m. on March 14 — one month after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

“The district administration has been monitoring social media, which is where most students are getting information about the protests and has developed a plan to respond to the walk-outs, should one occur,” D209 Supt. Jesse Rodriguez wrote in a Feb. 22 letter sent to families in the district.

Contrary to an earlier report, no students will face suspension for walking out, district officials said.

Rodriguez noted that students “have a right to demonstrate for a cause,” and added that “if parents wish to excuse their children from school to attend such an event or demonstration, that is their right.”

The superintendent said that “the school or district will not excuse any student to leave school without parents’ permission” and that the district will address unexcused absences from school by following existing attendance procedures.

“Furthermore, if students disrupt the learning environment for others, this will be addressed as well,” Rodriguez stated.


The district outlined a series of safety measures that will be followed during the March 14 demonstrations, many of which are standard protocol.

  • All Proviso Township schools have a single main entrance that is locked at all times and visitors will be buzzed into the buildings.
  • Each main entrance has a camera, allowing staff to see visitors. Staff has the ability to deny entry to visitors, if they have concerns.
  • Visitors are required to check-in at the security desk where they will be asked to provide a state issued I.D.
  • Visitors will then be issued a badge that must be displayed at all times.
  • Each school has a safety plan tailored to the needs of that building and community.
  • There are more than 1,000 cameras located in our buildings and properties.
  • Our professionally-trained school safety staff are prepared to help schools deal with a variety of situations.
  • We take all threat seriously and collaborate with local authorities when situations arise.

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4 thoughts on “D209 Makes Plans Ahead Of March 14 Walkout, No Automatic Suspensions

  1. OPRF has had 2 demonstrations already. Fenwick students are demonstrating tomorrow. PTHS students have a right to demonstrate and political leadership should listen. School policy is there for a reason and orderly demonstarions are health ways to express civic responsibility.

  2. As Chief of Police for the Village of Hillside, I would like to commend the students of Proviso West High School who planned, and put in action a peaceful demonstration with respect to an important issue facing our nation and communities throughout the Chicago area. These students faced many obstacles which were placed in their path which they overcame. As a Community Leader myself, I am proud to say Proviso West High School students did a fantastic job today. Chief Joseph M Lukaszek Chief of Police, Hillside Police Department

    1. @Joseph M. Lukaszek: Thank you Officer Lukaszek for taking out the time to reply the comment on this website. I saw the demonstration on Facebook live and I am glad that the students at Proviso West did a fantastic job.

  3. As a graduate of Proviso East High School, I was at the walkout and saw a lot of students making a difference. I applaud the leadership of Dr. Patrick J. Hardy, Maywood Police Department, Illinois sheriff, and the security staff at P.E. for a job well done. No incidents, no riots, just…a good cause in honor of the victims of the Florida high school shooting. The youth is our future, and will become our up and coming leaders of tomorrow. “Nothing But The Best!”

    Jeremy Horn
    Proviso East High School Graduate
    Class of 2003

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