Doctors Based At Loyola In Maywood Were Court-Side For Big NCAA Upset

Thursday, March 15, 2018 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Loyola players celebrating after their close win against Miami on March 15 in the NCAA Tournament. | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

After coming into the NCAA Tournament on a high from even making it in the first place, Loyola University Chicago clawed out a 64-62 nail-biter over Miami in the Ramblers’ first March Madness game in 33 years — and two sports specialists, based at Loyola Medicine in Maywood, were court-side for the action.

Drs. Pietro Tonino and Nathaniel Jones are team physicians for the men’s basketball Ramblers.

“It’s a privilege to be part of this historic game,” Dr. Tonino, an orthopaedic surgeon and Loyola Medicine’s program director of sports medicine, said in a statement Loyola Medicine released today.

He said that he and his colleagues — including Dr. Jones, a family medicine physician and medical director of sports medicine, and Dr. Douglas Evans, an orthopedic surgeon — sit close to the court in case of a medical emergency.

“We hope no one gets hurt, but in the event there are any injuries,” Tonino said, “we will be on the court immediately.”

If Loyola senior Donte Ingram, who the winning three-point shot, has his way, the doctors will be court-side deep into March.

“We’re far from content,” Ingram told the Chicago Sun-Times. “We’re not happy to just be here. Just like any other team, we want to compete, and we want to win games.

“I think that this team is very capable of that. And just going forward, that’s all we’re focusing on,” he added. “We’re not looking at it like, ‘Oh, we are here now, and that’s the end of the road for us.’ We want to do what we can do to go in here and get wins.”

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