Letters: Why Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin Has My Vote

Friday, March 16, 2018 || LETTERS || @maywoodnews 

When residents of the 1st District go the polls on March 20, they should consider the facts. Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has been a strong champion for our community — creating jobs opportunities, improving our broken infrastructure and bringing millions of dollar in grants.

This is why, with no hesitation and with great pleasure, I endorse Richard for reelection as Cook County Commissioner of the 1st District.

The public has had ample opportunity over these last several weeks to analyze the goals and objectives of the two candidates running in this race. Commissioner Boykin’s progressive and practical approach to governing sets him apart from his challenger.

In addition, Boykin has shown great concern for the residents of the village of Maywood and his willingness to listen to people’s problems and identify solutions is commendable.

Because of his strong body of work, I am confident that Commissioner Boykin will be victorious on March 20. 

— Isiah Brandon, Maywood trustee

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4 thoughts on “Letters: Why Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin Has My Vote”

  1. To Trustee Isiah Brandon:

    I do however applaud your leadership as a trustee in the village of Maywood. I also respect your opinion about endorsing Richard Boykin as Cook County Commissioner. But…a little disappointed. For a man named Boykin who stated that he wanted to bring the U.N. (United Nations) troops in the streets of Chicago to combat gun violence; and when Cook County Hospital was experiencing budget cuts and laying off their staff his words were: “see the county cut Cook County Health and Hospitals System Oak Brook hospital campus, in which he described as under-utilized.”

    We shall see what happens on Tuesday, March 20th during the primary election. But, there will be progressive changes!

  2. Wow what about the grant money for our train station up grade in Maywood. It’s disappointing that when a person has to make tough decision, How some of their so call fellow public servants turn on them.

    1. UNKNOWN: It’s call “power!” Some politicians don’t even care about the people, because they are self-serving that think about themselves and not about the people. The trustees in the village of Maywood are part of the Democratic political machine that are self-serving and really not progressive, by not having the boots to the ground and be for the people. This is why residents in Maywood and all need to participate in the local election and educate on the candidates who are running. We call ourselves a “democracy” and we are going to let this dysfunction continue if we don’t use our voice with the ballot. Think about it, Maywood!

  3. https://youtu.be/JreEcLwPb1g

    Here is the video that Richard Boykin is stating about bring the U.N. (United Nations) to Chicago to stop the gun violence. That is treating symptoms and not treating the root cause of gun violence.

    Please share this with everyone and spread the word.

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