Boykin Concedes To Johnson In 1st District Race

Monday, March 26, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 2:40 p.m.

Featured image: Brandon Johnson, who defeated Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin in the March 20 Democratic Primary election. | File 

First District Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin has conceded to Brandon Johnson, a former Chicago teacher and union organizer.

During a March 26 phone interview, Boykin said that he made the call Monday afternoon.

“I thought it was time to go on and put closure to this and I also pledged to work with him in a smooth transition,” Boykin said. “I wished him well and told him I’m here if you need me. I plan to finish out my term and I hope we work together. I thought he was gracious in victory.”

By the time the polls closed on March 20, Johnson was up on Boykin by fewer than 400 votes, with no more than a dozen precincts still to be reported. Those outstanding votes left Boykin with an opening to stave off a concession call until provisional ballots had been counted.

Since last Tuesday’s election, however, Johnson’s lead had gradually opened up to 436, with all precincts in the city and suburbs reported, according to online election data from the Cook County Clerk’s office and the Chicago Board of Elections.

Johnson’s campaign released a statement on March 26 confirming Boykin’s concession call.

“The incumbent made the concession this  afternoon in a phone call and pledged to support commissioner-elect when he assumes office,” according to the statement. “There is no GOP challenger on the November ballot.”

In the statement, Johnson added that voters “on the West Side of Chicago and the Western suburbs have spoken. They want someone who will stand up to the harmful policies of President Trump, Bruce Rauner and corporations who prey on low-income people.

“I think people are looking for new voices and a new kind of progressive leadership in Illinois,” he stated. “I look forward to  serving the interests of my constituents and fighting to bring equity and inclusion to all of Cook County.” VFP 

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9 thoughts on “Boykin Concedes To Johnson In 1st District Race”

  1. Thank goodness. Finally something fresh for our neighborhoods. Now let us hope that the November elections will also bring us refreshing good news!

    1. JANET: Also, ordinary people, working people, and low-income people need to start attending the town hall meetings and hold the elected official accountable, and ask the hard questions too Janet. Just because the primary election is over…doesn’t mean that people stop attending the town hall meetings.

  2. Might want to update the results; according to the County Clerk’s website with all precincts reporting, and assuming that all absentee ballots have been counted, Johnson won by 1,690 votes, nearly four times the number stated in the article.

  3. Boykin conceded. It’s over. Congrats to Johnson. I hope that he brings some solutions to the problems facing Cook County residents vs. pointing out that something needs to be done and nothing happens.

    1. THE MAYWOOD WATCHER: I too am so glad as well. Boykin was just treating symptoms and not treating the root causes of how to solve the problems in Cook County. Brandon Johnson, with his true activism as a community organizer, part of the Chicago Teachers Union, and his progressive ideas…he can bring major changes in Cook County and the First District.

  4. All I can is that I am so glad that Brandon Johnson is going to be the next Commissioner of Cook County, representing the 1st District! I was very skeptical when I saw the article from the Chicago Sun-Times that Boykin won. Now, it is official!

    I thank Boykin for his service, but it is time for a Progressive person to make serious changes that represents the working families, ordinary people, young people, and low-income people to treat the root causes and not the symptoms. The people and the Proviso Township have finally spoken!

  5. Thank god that blowhard Boykin was kicked to the curb.
    Although Johnson is not that much better…too radical and too free spending with our hard earned tax money.

    1. Just what Illinois needs, a strident socialist……freely spend other people’s money with no interest other than raising taxes

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