Public Hearing For Maywood Housing Proposal Scheduled For March 27, 7 PM

Tuesday, March 27, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: A street view perspective of a proposed multiunit housing development that IFF wants to build in Maywood and surrounding suburbs. | IFF 

The Maywood Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals will hold a public hearing on Tuesday night in order to consider a proposal by Chicago-based developer IFF.

IFF wants to build four new, three-unit residential homes on vacant lots at 1902, 2009, 2024, and 2032 S. 5TH Ave. in Maywood. The public hearing is scheduled to take place tonight, Tuesday, March 27, 7 p.m., at Village Chambers, 125 S. 5th Ave. in Maywood.

Last month, the village board unanimously voted to move the proposal to the planning and zoning commission to consider zoning relief at three of the recommended sites.

“IFF has indicated that this project will construct new high-quality housing for people with disabilities,” Josh Koonce, Maywood’s zoning officer, wrote in a Feb. 20 memo.

“The proposed buildings will include two apartments on each first floor and one second floor unit,” he wrote. “The buildings are high quality construction with innovative driveway treatment.” VFP 

The agenda for tonight’s meeting is below.

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4 thoughts on “Public Hearing For Maywood Housing Proposal Scheduled For March 27, 7 PM”

  1. Sorry I couldn’t attend the meeting. I agree considering that there are hundreds of Village-owned parcels anything that could be done to redevelop and return them to the tax-rolls is great for Maywood.

    I do have my concerns about IFF since there is little, if any subsidy for the proposed units. Unlike what the company did with NSP. Speaking of which, what is the occupancy rate of the apartment buildings on S. 4th Avenue? Those buildings (south of Madison) were both done with NSP, but at night it doesn’t look like too many lights are on.

    But, what I really wanted to know is what is the “innovative driveway treatment”?

    1. Whats going to happen with the apartment building on s.4th ave across from emerson elementary school?

      1. Whats going to happen with the apartment building on south 4th ave across from emerson elementary school?

  2. The “innovative driveway” is permeable pavers. The pavers are laid in such a way that there is space between each to allow rainwater to go into the ground. If you want to see an installation of this type of paver go to the Morton Arboretum’s parking lot. It’s really cool seeing the grass coming up between the pavers.

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