1st Ave. Railroad Crossing To Close 8 Weeks For Construction Starting April 16

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

The First Avenue railroad crossing in Maywood will be closed for eight weeks, depending on weather, starting April 16, so that workers can install a third rail line and perform utility and grading work, according to a March 23 statement by released by Union Pacific.

“Drivers will be able to cross the tracks at 5th Avenue or in the neighboring River Forest and Oak Park communities,” UP official said.

Last April, officials from various government bodies, agencies and stakeholder entities broke ground on the $100 million project to install the third track and other safety enhancements along the West Line between River Forest and Melrose Park.

Metra and UP officials said at the time that the new track would eliminate “two critical bottlenecks along the UP West Line that can be the source of delays for both freight and commuter trains.”

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Officials said back then that the project “will add nearly eight miles of third track in the only two remaining segments between Elburn and Chicago.”

In the March 23 statement, UP noted that the “additional main line will allow 59 Metra trains and 70 freight trains using the line to operate simultaneously, a critical step toward improving the line’s reliability and efficiency.”

UP officials said that drivers experience delays during the temporary closure “are asked to follow the posted detour, as well as be aware of, and courteous to crews working in the area.” VFP

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2 thoughts on “1st Ave. Railroad Crossing To Close 8 Weeks For Construction Starting April 16”

  1. Hello, My name is Boyd and I have a comment about this third rail that Union Pacific is putting in through Maywood. Who are they kidding besides our village officials, for them to state that it’s going to clear up congestion is ridiculous. What this third rail will do is add another line to send trains through our town and do nothing but add more to the already unbearable congestion that goes through our town!!! I live three houses down from the tracks and have to wait daily on sitting trains, and it’s going to get worse! Both towns that border Maywood have bridges over or under the tracks! Why can’t Maywood get their stuff together and do either one?!? I’ve seen trains not moving at all for over thirty minutes at a time on these rails and if our village thinks a third rail is gonna relieve congestion like Union Pacific is telling people then they’ve been had ( again ).

  2. I am so sick of having freight trains going thru maywood , no matter what time of day I need to go up toward north ave. there is always a f……freight train going very slow or not moving at all. I know there is got to be a limit on how many cars they are allowed to pull.have to sit and wait for up to 20 min to cross tracks. Add an overpass not a third rail

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