Canoe And Kayaking Launch To Open In Maywood April 14

Sunday, April 8, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews

Featured image: People boating on the Des Plaines River. | Courtesy Forest Preserves of Cook County 

Forest Preserves of Cook County officials will be on hand on Saturday, April 14 in Maywood to celebrate the grand opening of the county’s newest canoe and kayak launch along the Des Plaines River at Maywood Grove, 1 Ohio St. in Maywood.

Forest Preserve officials will also unveil the new Greater Maywood Paddling Program at the April 14 event.

“They’ve already cut two paths from two different parking lots to the west bank of the Des Plaines River,” said Gordon Hanson, a Maywood resident who has been pushing for a boat launch in the Maywood area for the last several years.

Hanson said that the new launch could “create more positive traffic in Maywood for people coming here to recreate” and could “be a vehicle to boost the value of the community.”

Hanson said that he went to the Forest Preserve roughly two years ago to tell officials that he had identified a place for a boat landing. There was nothing here in Maywood.

“When you learn to kayak and canoe, you feel better about who you are and that translates to other parts of your life,” said Hanson, who also facilitates a chess club at the Maywood Public Library.

“If kids in this community would learn to swim and boat, they’d feel good about themselves,” Hanson added, noting that the benefits of chess that he witnesses in the lives of club participants are similar to canoeing and kayaking.

According to a statement released by Forest Preserve officials, there “will be a ribbon cutting ceremony, refreshments, and short canoe and kayak trips from Trailside Museum [738 Thatcher Ave. in River Forest] to Maywood Grove throughout the event.”

The event will last from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. For more info on the canoe and kayak launch, and on the new paddling program, call 708-386-4042 or email VFP 

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8 thoughts on “Canoe And Kayaking Launch To Open In Maywood April 14”

  1. And where are the residents of Maywood going to get the canoes and boats? Life preservers? Who is going to go out with kids and adults who don’t have a clue what canoeing is all about? How many accidental drownings will we see? And I sure wouldn’t want to fall into the Des Plaines River around here … foul water and who knows how many dead bodies just floating along or tangled in submerged branches and trees?

    1. Come out and learn about canoeing on April 14. The Forest Preserve has workshops throughout the year for kids and adults. Take advantage of the many opportunities that are all around our community and stay positive. Life is too short.

  2. Somehow children and adults have managed to interact with waterways all around the world for centuries, with minimal drowning and accidents. I suspect we’ll follow those statistics here. Glad to see that there are more recreational options in the Maywood area. I do hope that there will be companies offering rentals, since I don’t have a kayak. Excited for this!

  3. Come on Maywood watcher!! Get with the program!! It’s an opportunity for Maywood to be put on the map as offering attractions to the rest of the country. It’s not just us Maywoodians in the world. This will bring stimulation to our economy and opportunities to start other businesses. We can’t get any worse, our only way is up, to change, and to accept it for the best. We need to market our village, we can’t up keep it on the backs of the tax payers. Don’t you see us struggling?? Look at our streets don’t you feel the pot holes? Look at all the empty homes and business spaces. Take a ride to other suburbs, look at their downtown area, does it look like ours?? No!!! They have recycling economy, plus outside stimulation, those are healthy villages and suburbs. We have lost of potential, but with small thinking, and fear, nothing will be done. Embrace the change and think positive. Much love to all.

  4. This is good news. The Village should consider donating the land north of the Burger King to the Forest Preserve District to create an entry way to Maywood Grove with signs, etc.
    After paying $1.4 million for the land to the guy who opened the failed Maywood Market, the Village then brought in developer for the dry-cleaner site who did nothing. The land will never be developed, let the Forest Preserve District expand access to the River.

    1. Giving away land is giving away opportunity. Not a smart idea. Gizmodog your suggestion of letting the Forest Preserve District develop the land is full of contradictions. Obviously the land can be developed. Do you really think a Forest Preserve Board is thinking about Maywood’s economic interests? How about an idea that will generate long-term economic growth and prosperity for the Village and the people of Maywood. THINK.

  5. Terrance j I hear what you’re saying, but for how long has Maywood had this property? What action had been taken to develop it? Some times you have to let go of what’s in your hands in order to receive. You point out the obvious, but not the solution. Like you said “think” on solutions not just point at the problem. The pros and cons have to be weighed, and act on the beneficial end of things for Maywood. With that area being an attraction, maybe the veterans home can become a mom and pop restaurant, or a museum of Maywood and the underground railroad. Maybe a coffee shop or sandwich place could erect in that area. Maybe a bed and breakfast, or maybe all of that. What we need is for outsiders to come in and make a deposit into our economy. We are close to the 290 express way, Metra stops here, all we need is a a reason for people to come. Take in the big picture and don’t just focus on the brush strokes. Much love to all.

  6. The Village purchased the site of the owner of former dry-cleaners and strip stores about 10 years ago with TIF. Cary (?) Young was going to build condos on the site; even staged a ground breaking ceremony with the Village Board. Young dropped a sales office on the land for a little while and took some deposits from prospective owners. Young wanted nearly a million in TIF to prepare the 1st Ave. site for the development; fortunately that was never approved, but at least the Village wasn’t sued by Young. (In Broadview Young sued that Village when they wouldn’t give him money for a similar plan at 15th & Roosevelt). The Maywood plans called for below-grade parking; which was impossible because the water-table from the river was too high to have a basement. The project went bust, and since then; NOTHING, except the Come Grow With Us sign.
    The Forest Preserve District couldn’t do any worse than the Village has; and improving access to Maywood Grove and building a canoe/kayak launch with rentals might be a vast improvement.

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