2 High-Ranking D209 Administrators Resign, 1 May Come Aboard

Monday, April 9, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 04/10/18

Featured image: Dr. Kim Waller-Echols, left, and Todd Drafall. | File 

Two top administrators at Proviso Township High Schools District 209 have resigned recently.

District officials confirmed this week that Dr. Kim Waller-Echols, the district’s assistant superintendent of human resources, and Todd Drafall, the district’s chief financial officer, have both submitted letters of resignation.

Waller-Echols will resign to take a position at another school district in Illinois, D209 spokesperson Cynthia Moreno said.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Waller-Echols came to the district in 2011 and worked two years as principal of Proviso Math and Science Academy before becoming assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction from 2013 until 2016, when she was promoted to her current position.

Waller-Echols, whose resignation is effective July 1, is likely to be replaced by Dr. Anthony Brazouski, whose formal position will be assistant superintendent of human resources, safety and athletics.

Brazouski’s employment still needs to be approved by the D209 school board and financial oversight panel before a contract is legally binding. He could earn a starting compensation package of $160,000.

Brazouski comes to D209 from various school districts in Wisconsin, where he has worked as a chief academic officer, chief executive officer and executive director of academic achievement. The board could vote to approve his employment at a regular meeting on April 10.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Drafall has been D209’s chief financial officer since 2013. He’s been an adjunct professor at Concordia University Chicago since 2015.

The district accepted Drafall’s resignation letter, which is also effective July 1, Moreno said, adding that the position has already been posted on job boards. VFP 

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly noted that Brazouski previously worked in various school districts in Milwaukee. This post has since been updated. VFP regrets the error. 

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4 thoughts on “2 High-Ranking D209 Administrators Resign, 1 May Come Aboard”

  1. SOOOOOO…..now the issues start! The supt. is now starting to bring his WI people in. I was wondering how long before he started using his position to bring in “cronies”. I hope the Board looks at its hiring process and how much power it gives it supt in hiring. Also, why are the schools so top heavy with high paid administrators, yet them hem and haw about paying teachers and staff? It never fails that 209 pays for the high paid admin who pass the buck and the blame to the lower paid teachers and staff.

    Also, why does the district camera lady need a $40,000 dollar raise?????????? How many pictures is she taking? $40,000 can buy a lot of student supplies! Or provide some sort of enrichment activities with the cash. I am sick of the shuffling of job titles and duties just to justify pay raises and high salaries.

    District 209 had started to move away from paying people a lot to do nothing and the hiring of friends, families, and cronies. Let’s not go back to bleeding the district dry and sacrificing the needs of our buildings and children.

    My advice to the Board, HALT the bleeding before its starts and please analyze the high paying admin jobs in the district to see what job duties overlap and what jobs are not needed. Then put the cash back where it belongs…….in our buildings!

  2. I would like to applaud the District 209 board for making unpopular decisions but doing what is right for the district. Last night’s meeting was tense and filled with drama! I am a new fan of Theresa Kelly, Amanda Grant and Sam Valtirrez and Della Patterson. They really spoke from the heart and made decisions based on what was best for the district.

    There were two areas of the meeting that saddened me. The first dealt with the many comments about East and West made by PMSA parents and students. I understand their concern about the school closing but you can be dedicated to PMSA without belittling the other two schools. I heard parents and students alike refer to the students of east and west as “those kids” or “These kids”. Many parents spoke about their tax dollars but failed to mention that OUR tax dollars are supposed to support all the schools. No one on the board said anything to defend the east/west students. PMSA students talked about the bullying that goes on at East or West but they (and some of the adults) displayed the same characteristics of bullies in addressing the board about the closing of the school. I watched them cheer each other on while students from east or west kind of look bewildered. Yes, I said something! The supt. did not attempt to step in and praise all three schools until ALL the pmsa people had left! Thanks but no thanks, Jesse. I feel that PMSA has used enough of our dollars, its time to put some money and discipline into east and west and bring them up to par. It’s only fair!

    The second area that was sad was the antics of Board Member Rodney Alexander. I could not believe that a grown man was acting like an insolent child because he could not agree to disagree with other members. He sulked, challenged other’s votes, left the board table, sat in the audience, etc. I did not know if I was watching a bad reality show or a board meeting. Sorry Rodney, No OSCAR for you! There were many times he spoke out of turn (I am out of order) and he did the same things he accused others of, changing his vote (“I am 110% for Uniforms but I am going to change my vote”). I appreciate his passion but I hope he does not let his theatrics outshine the good he has done with the youth of the community and on the board.

    People, get out and support your schools and your students. One Proviso only works through action, not just putting it on a t shirt or a shiny newsletter. Let’s work to make all of our schools GREAT!

    1. CONCERNEDTAXPAYER: I totally agree with what you typed and understand your opinion. When I looked at the board agenda on the District 209 website, I didn’t understand why the Assistant Superintendent salary was at $160,000 that is coming out of the tax dollars. I too applaud the board members of District 209 for having three motions failed on the agenda.

      The meeting was so intense and I haven’t seen a lot of people and residents at the Proviso Township coming to the board meetings. The question that puzzled me was where were the parents when the new board members were sworn in? Where were the parents when the 209 announced there will be a board of education meeting or the Master Facility Plan?

      One thing that I never liked was the parents of PMSA disrespecting the high schools of Proviso East and Proviso West, and the students by demoralizing them. Every child deserves a high quality education! Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Some need to grow up and hear the truth.

  3. That is why you need to close PMSA. There was no reason for that school and there is certainly no need for it today. East and West have more than enough room and then those students can enjoy a truly full high school life.

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