Bellwood, Maywood Mayors Support Dorothy Brown’s Mayoral Bid

Monday, April 23, 2018 || By Wendell Hutson || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Dorothy Brown during a Sunday press conference held to announce her bid for Chicago mayor. | Wendell Hutson 

Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown announced Sunday her second candidacy for mayor of Chicago, and this time she has the support of two west suburban mayors.

Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins and Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey stood with Brown at the podium during a press conference at Chicago Hilton Towers attended by more than 100 supporters.

“Dorothy has always stood with the residents of Bellwood and that’s why I am here to support her,” said Harvey. “She will make a great mayor for all of Chicago.”

Perkins agreed.

“I can’t think of any reason why I would not support ‘Downtown’ Dorothy Brown for mayor,” said Perkins. “The Village of Maywood is within Cook County and I have had the pleasure of working with Dorothy Brown for the betterment of Maywood residents.”

Brown said she thought long and hard about her decision to run. She said she ultimately decided on the effort after looking at the problems facing the city, such as crime, failing schools and rising taxes.

“I will work towards a Chicago where all communities are clean, safe and violence-free. I will work towards a Chicago where every Chicagoan has hope, and because of that hope, we’re not known around the world for crime and police brutality,” Brown told supporters.

As an attorney and certified public accountant, Brown was elected to a fifth term as circuit court clerk in 2016 despite the Cook County Democratic Party endorsing another candidate. She previously ran for city treasurer in 1999; Chicago mayor in 2007; and president of the Cook County Board of Commissioners in 2010.

The 2019 Chicago mayoral election will pit Brown against six other candidates all vying to defeat Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who is seeking a third term.

And while more candidates are expected to enter the race, so far businessman Willie Wilson, Chicago Principals Association President Troy LaRaviere, tech entrepreneur Neal Sales-Griffin, community activist Ja’Mal Green, former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas, and former police superintendent Garry McCarthy have all declared their candidacy.

But despite a federal investigation, which alleges Brown accepted bribes in exchange for jobs in her county office, Brown said is running for mayor because “the citizens of Chicago and Cook County have elected me five times.

“They trust me. I am a proven leader,” she said. Brown has not been charged with any crimes and has denied any wrongdoing. VFP 

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7 thoughts on “Bellwood, Maywood Mayors Support Dorothy Brown’s Mayoral Bid”

  1. This is sad that someone under indictment would be honored for any reason. Also what will she be doing for Bellwood and Maywood as the Mayor of Chicago. Sad, suburbs keep out of this. It might be more embarrassing as this election goes down the line.

    1. JANET: It’s called the “Chicago Democratic Machine,” Janet. It is all about power and recognition. It’s very sad and disturbing that Bellwood Mayor Andre Harvey and Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins wants to endorse her, who is under indictment of corruption.

  2. If Brown wins the election as Mayor of Chicag, that would at least reduce her influence in the western suburbs. And, good riddance.

  3. Bad decision on the part of maywood and Bellwood. Brown is only concerned with herself. Maywood and Bellwood need to find more honest and transparent allies and jump of this crooked train before it picks up speed.

    1. CONCERNED TAXPAYER: It’s not that Dorothy Brown is only concerned about herself, you have other politicians that are about themselves, and it’s called “self-serving.” This is why residents in Maywood, Bellwood, and the Proviso Township needs to educate on the candidates that are running. Attend the forum and ask the hard questions. When ordinary people, young people, working people, and low-income people don’t participate in the local election…it’s going to be the people on top that will have the power.

  4. Shame, shame, shame on Mayor Perkins. Oh, I forgot…Maywood officials DON’T FEEL SHAME about anything they do to contribute to the continuing downward spiral the Village is having. And it accelerates every time anyone supports someone like Brown. I think that support given any candidate in Cook County is dependent on the supporter’s and the candidate’s ethnicity not whether the candidate is fit for office.

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