Village People: Pirsia Allen, Retiring From The Force But Keeping The Faith

Friday, April 27, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Retiring Maywood Community Resource Officer Pirsia Allen reads to Garfield Elementary students during Black History Month. | Courtesy District 89 

Rev. Pirsia Allen, a veteran Maywood police officer of roughly two decades, will retire on May 10. Most recently, Allen was the department’s community resource officer. Although he’ll be off of the force, the 60-year-old minister said he will still be a presence in the community.

Allen is currently an assistant to Bishop William Teague, pastor of Hope Tabernacle Church in Forest Park, and a community safety leader with the Proviso Township Ministerial Alliance Network.

During a recent interview, he spoke about his time on the force and what the future has in store for him as a man of faith. This is the retiring officer in his own words.

On his long tenure with the department

It’s been a great career with the Maywood Police Department. I was able to wear several hats as an officer — as an elderly abuse officer, a juvenile officer, a community service officer and a chaplain.

I feel that the Lord puts people in certain positions for a reason. I think He positioned me to serve and protect and to be a servant for the community. I enjoyed my job. I served as an ear for the citizens. Policing becomes easier when you know that 90 percent of the job is community service. The other 10 percent is catching the bad guys. 

Thank yous 

want to thank all the agencies that embraced me while serving as community resource officer when we had events such as National Night Out. I want to thank District 89 and District 209 for allowing us to come into the schools to make a difference in young people’s lives and convincing them to make positive decisions.

I also want to thank PTMAN, Bishop Claude Porter, Bishop Reginald J. Saffo and Bishop Teague. I really appreciate each and every supervisor and leader in the department working together on one accord to make a difference in this community.  I also want to thank Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley for nominating me for a Sheriff Tom Dart merit award for service to the community. 

Still praying

I’m going to continue to pray  for the department, staff and the chief. I will still be active in the community through PTMAN.

On being the ‘ears for the community’ 

As a community resource officer, I was often the one who would listen to people’s problems and try to come up with a solution to them. I was also there for the young people and tried to be someone who could lead them in the right direction and advise them that they have a choice to make a difference in their lives by doing the right thing and staying out of trouble.

Wisdom to leave with 

One officer once said, ‘When you turn 60 years old and are still working for any police department — once you’ve made it to that point, no matter how long you’ve been on the job — its time to go.” And I feel that it’s time to go. VFP 

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