Loyola Gottlieb Receives Highest Grade For Patient Safety In Leapfrog Report

Thursday, May 3, 2018 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

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Loyola Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, 701 W. North Ave. in Melrose Park, was recently one of just 37 Illinois hospitals that received the highest grade for patient safety standards in the country.

Gottlieb earned an ‘A’ grade in Leapfrog’s Spring 2018 Hospital Safety Grade report, which rates hospitals in the United States based on a variety of performance factors, including their ability to prevent medical errors, infections and other patient-related harms.

Leapfrog is considered to be the gold standard in patient safety ratings. Leapfrog’s grades are given to hospitals by some of the top safety experts in the country and administered by The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit hospital safety watchdog.

Loyola Gottlieb has received an ‘A’ rating for five consecutive years, according to a recent Crain’s report.

“Our doctors, nurses and other clinicians continually strive to provide our patients with the safest possible environment,” stated Lori Price, FACHE, MSA, RN, the president of Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, in a statement. “We are pleased that The Leapfrog Group recognizes our continuing commitment to patient safety.”

Loyola University Medical Center, 2160 S. 1st Ave. in Maywood, received a ‘B’ rating while Westlake Hospital, 1225 West Lake St. in Melrose Park, received a ‘C’ rating.

To read the full Leapfrog safety report for Loyola Gottlieb, click here. To read the full safety report for Loyola University Medical Center, click here. To read the full safety report for Westlake Hospital, click here. VFP 

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  1. On December 1 2016 I was working Loyola security when Elmwood Park police department didn’t follow protocol upon discharge with prisoner from the ER and prisoner escaped and ran. Without hesitation for my safety I along with fellow officer apprehended escape prisoner. In the process of running I was injured with a foot injury. To date I had two surgeries and still under Loyola doctors care. On May 1 2018 received a call from Loyola HR stated I will be terminated for my injury sustained on duty protecting doctors, nurses, medical staff, patients, visitors and the public. Since the beginning of my injury I’ve been harassed discriminated against by my sergeants. Loyola didn’t terminate them but I get terminated doing my job and apprehending escape prisoner. I don’t agree with this discrimination against my disability and just wanna know what to do next.

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