Mother Of Maywood 1-Year-Old Slain In 2013 Sentenced To 35 Years

Friday, May 4, 2018 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: LeKeshia Baker, 27, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison on May 3. | Chicago Police Department 

A Maywood woman who on May 3 pleaded guilty to murder in the April 2013 death of her 1-year-old son has been sentenced to prison, according to multiple media reports.

The Chicago Tribune reported on May 4 that Lekeshia Baker, 27, was sentenced to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty to the beating death of Bryeon Hunter, whose decomposed body was discovered by kayaker Robert Larson in the Des Plaines River a month after the boy went missing.

Baker was charged with murder alongside her boyfriend, Michael Scott, 26, “after prosecutors said they beat Bryeon with a belt and plastic hangers and left the child on the floor, bruised and moaning,” the Tribune reports.

“When they realized the child had died, they took the body to the river and faked a kidnapping to cover it up, prosecutors said.”

The Tribune added that Scott’s case “remains pending.”

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5 thoughts on “Mother Of Maywood 1-Year-Old Slain In 2013 Sentenced To 35 Years”

  1. I am glad that justice has finally been served for Bryeon Hunter. It is very heartbreaking and disturbing that this woman will murder an innocent child, who would have grown up to be very successful in life, was taking away in a coward fashioned way. She should have had life in prison without the possible parole, instead of 35 years, because she killed an innocent child.

    1. I pray for this mother no one has the right to lay hands on her both her eyes are bloodshed see is suffering enough I hope she find peace within herself rest in peace to her child

      1. JOHN: You’re correct that no person should ever put their hands on a woman, but this woman lied about her son being kidnapped and killed her own flesh and blood.

  2. She should never get the opportunity to be freed I wish she would have gotten a life sentence she had options if she didn’t want the baby adoption I have no sorrow for her or her pos boyfriend

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