PMSA Ranked 8th Best School In State By U.S. News & World Report

Wednesday, May 9, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Proviso Math and Science Academy, 8601 W. Roosevelt Rd. in Forest Park, was ranked among the top 10 public high schools in Illinois this year, according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of schools across the nation.

The magnet school was ranked 8 out of 670 public high schools in Illinois and 261 out of 20,548 public high schools in the country that U.S. News reviewed — good enough for a Gold medal.

This year’s rankings were a significant improvement over last year, when PMSA was ranked 32 in the state and 1,044 nationally, and received a Silver medal. The year before that, they received a Bronze medal.

U.S. News & World Report uses a four-step process to determine Best High Schools. The publication teamed with RTI International, a nonprofit social science research firm based in North Carolina, to produce the rankings.

“The first three steps ensured that the schools serve all of their students well, using their performance on the math and reading parts of their state proficiency tests and their graduation rates as the benchmarks,” according to the methodology explained on the publication’s website.

The first step determines “whether each school’s students were performing better than statistically expected for students in the state.”

U.S. News factored into its assessment of reading and math proficiency the percentage of “economically disadvantaged students — who tend to score lower — enrolled at the schools to identify schools performing much better than statistical expectations.”

To pass the first step, a school had to be “one-third of one standard deviation above the average.”

PMSA’s student body is 47 percent low-income, 94 percent minority, 39 percent male and 61 percent female. The school notched a 70 percent in both math and reading proficiency on U.S. News’ scorecard.

US News_PMSA Scorecard

How PMSA performed on U.S. News’s scorecard for measuring the nation’s best high schools. | U.S. News & World Report 

The second step in the U.S. News methodology assessed whether a school’s black, Hispanic and low-income students “performed at or better than the state average for historically [under-served] students.”

“For schools passing the first and second step, Step 3 required schools to meet or surpass a benchmark for their graduation rate,” according to the U.S. News website.

US News_PMSA chartHow PMSA students compared with students across District 209 and the state in m ath and reading proficiency. | U.S. News & World Report 

“Schools that made it through the first three steps became eligible to be judged nationally on the final step — college-readiness performance — using Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate test data as the benchmark for success,” the website continued. VFP 

See the full U.S. News & World Report rankings here

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9 thoughts on “PMSA Ranked 8th Best School In State By U.S. News & World Report

  1. This is amazing. What an unbelievable accomplishment for pmsa. The principal, assistant principal, teachers and students should be so proud. This school is thriving. It should be left as it’s own school with it’s own campus.

  2. This is truly something the students, staff and very importantly–the community should be extremely proud of. Schools are a huge asset to a town when people are thinking to relocate and invest in a community–conversely, marginal schools are often why people choose NOT to move somewhere
    PMSA is a shining start in Maywood, and an asset we should be touting and not even thinking about closing or merging. Congratulations to all those who made this school such a success

  3. Its a shame when something as good as this and the kids that are working hard to make a difference. Setting a standard in there education with out distraction others want to ride on there coat tails of success let them be there on campus there own space to grown .

  4. OMG, so you think this is okay for Proviso Township to decide who they want to take in for this school. Of course they have a high score for academics. If you only took students who had a 4.0 you would excel too. For the person who wrote good to have that school in Maywood, it is in Forest Park and you have to be chosen to go to that school and apply. Trust me they are not picking the average kids from any of the feeder schools. My goodness wake up! Put those students back into Proviso East and West and put those schools up to the same par…. Trust me no one is relocating to Maywood even with PMSA there.

    1. Janet you seem very angry. Why does pmsa succeeding have to mean that East and West are not doing great things? Because I believe the students at both schools are proud to be there. I believe great things are happening at all three schools. Yes, pmsa is a selective enrollment school. But I am guessing the students work extremely hard. It looks like the teachers teach their hearts out and the principal has continued to push the school higher and higher. To be rated in the top ten? Do you comprehend the work this takes? This was hard earned and everyone in that building should be applauded. How on earth could anyone change something that is doing so amazingly well?

    2. Wow, Janet, I surprised at you comments. Even hard core communist countries had selective enrollment schools that were hard to get into (Univ Moscow, Univ Berlin, etc) So instead of taking studious hard working students and challenging them to excel they should all be put into the same schools with same curriculum? Why not use PMSA as a model for east and west? Not all students have the same capabilities or desire to excell in math and science–all should be challenged, but why hold the ones with the best appitute back?

      There are good things going on in Maywood if you just step back and take a good look–homes are looking much better (not every block maybe), crime is down (although it has further to go) and now we have the 8th best high school in the State, thats remarkable. If you don’t think younger parents move in or out because of the schools, you are a bit out of touch with things.
      Look for what’s good in a community and try to build on that; that’s what many of us are trying to do. It doesn’t do any good to be constantly negative, nothing changes when that happens

      1. I agree 100%. Negativity only breeds more negativity! We should all be cheering at the success of pmsa and working with the amazing principals of east and west as they continue to do their best work.

  5. Kudos to PMSA for achieving such a high recognition. #8 in the State of IL is a huge accomplishment and should be a reflection of how great the students, teachers and staff are doing at PMSA. The district should consider these types of achievements when deciding the future of PMSA, how can you close a school that is succeeding at this level- makes no sense.

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