Village People: Tamara Wallace, 27, Soon-To-Be E-Magazine Publisher

Saturday, May 12, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Tamara Wallace on the test cover of, Lādē Magazine, her forthcoming online quarterly publication. | Courtesy Tamara Wallace 

When Tamara Wallace, 27, of Bellwood, debuts Lādē Magazine, her new online publication, in June, she’ll be extending a brand of empowerment and aspiration that originated with her nonprofit of the same name.

Wallace founded Lādē Incorporated in 2015 in order to help girls and women “recognize their worth and realize they can conquer anything,” according to the nonprofit’s website.

Since the organization’s founding, members have hosted a range of empowering events on a routine basis, including self-defense classes, strategic planning sessions and bonfires.

Lādē Magazine, Wallace said in a recent interview, will grow the organization’s empowering mission to scale, giving young women across the country, and possibly the world, a platform to share their life stories, aspirations, goals and achievements.

“A lot of the articles will feature women who are doing big things in the community,” said Wallace. “I want to empower young women and what better way to do this than to build a platform that would enable me to do that?”


A test cover of Lādē Magazine. | Courtesy Tamara Wallace 

While in college, Wallace studied TV and radio production, in addition to graphic design and other media disciplines. She had planned to go to work in the fields, but pregnancy intervened.

While working at a bank for a year, she applied for jobs at newspapers and TV stations with no success before looking for opportunity inside of herself.

“My uncle, who lives in Georgia, has several magazines in different countries,” Wallace said. “He told me to just start my own magazine.”

Wallace said that the first issue will launch on June 30 and will likely come out at the end of each quarter. She said her target audience is 18 to 35 year old women who, like her, are striving for a sense of purpose. 

Wallace said that by publishing her magazine digitally, meaning that it will only be available to read on the internet, she’ll be able to reach an audience with virtually unlimited growth potential without the burdensome costs of print.

Besides, she added, millennial women are looking for information on web devices like phones, laptops and tablets — not so much in paper form.

“The other good thing about digital magazines is that they’re interactive, so you can click on a link and it will go to business websites, YouTube videos, movies, you name it,” she said. “The format is really interactive.”

Those interactive features will come in handy, since the magazine’s content will range from inspirational columns and interviews with successful business women to movie reviews. Wallace said she’s still looking for contributors, subscribers and advertisers. She said that people from other states have already pre-subscribed. Subscriptions are free.

Wallace explained that her long-term business model is the reverse of Huffington Post, which until recently  accepted unpaid articles from contributors.

“We’ll allow people to submit articles free for now, but once we become big, we’ll start charging people to submit,” she said, adding that each e-magazine edition will be themed. 

The first edition’s theme, quite naturally, will be sisterhood. VFP 

For more information on Lādē Magazine, or to subscribe for free, click here

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  1. I like her spirit of never giving up,and of making her own way. Her cause is also very noble. This young lady has her feet well planted on earth, and she is and will continue to be an inspiration for others the chase the dream. Best of wishes to her, and much love to all.

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