Fathers, Community Members Brighten Students’ Day At Maywood School

Friday, May 25, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: A Garfield student is greeted by community members as she enters school on May 22. | Photos by Shanel Romain 

On May 22, Garfield Elementary School hosted its annual Fathers Bring Your Child to School Day.

The event, created by the school’s PTO, is designed to strengthen relationships and bonds between parents, community members and students.

“I’ve learned from working with kids that when you have a male presence, especially first thing in the morning, kids have a different attitude throughout the day,” said PTO President Vernell Brown during the event in 2016.

Below, the morning in photos:

Garfield School event_8

Garfield School event_4

Garfield School event_7

Garfield School event_1

Garfield School event_6

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2 thoughts on “Fathers, Community Members Brighten Students’ Day At Maywood School”

  1. This a great gesture for our kids in the neighborhood, that Mr. Brown assist with Garfield school staff. We love what the Maywood native principal is doing for our kids. Keep up the good work staff.

  2. Way to go!! That’s some good stuff. Maybe it will catch on at other schools. Thumbs up to the dads that took the time to show the kids that they are worth your time. Tip my hat to the principal for promoting change. Much love to all.

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