New Traffic Signals Headed To 3 Maywood Intersections On Madison St.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: The intersection of Madison St. and 9th Ave. in Maywood, where a new left turn signal is slated to be installed. | Google Earth 

Driving on Madison Street in Maywood could get a lot easier now that the village’s Board of Trustees unanimously gave the green light for the installation of traffic lights with left turn signals at the intersections of 5th, 9th and 17th Avenues.

The trustees approved the matter at a regular meeting on May 15. The issue was brought to their attention by the village’s Traffic and Safety Commission and Maywood Police Chief Valdimir Talley.

The commissioners voted in March to send the recommendation before the village board after Commissioner Joe Wilson conducted a study on three intersections.

“The intersections are already configured to have left turns, so there was money spent to setup the intersections to make left turns,” Wilson said to board members during the May 15 meeting.

Wilson said that the absence of left turn signals at the three intersections slows traffics and increases the likelihood of accidents. He said that installing the signals would make the street safer for emergency vehicles, in particular.

“Since the intersection is already configured to have a left turn and the [left turn lane] is there, we should have lights set up,” he said. “That way, it’s safer for those who live here, as well as those who travel through Maywood.” 

Village officials did not discuss how soon the new signals would be installed or how much the installation would cost, but explained that the cost of installing the signals would come out of the Madison St./5th Ave. TIF budget. VFP

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3 thoughts on “New Traffic Signals Headed To 3 Maywood Intersections On Madison St.

  1. The streets need to be redone, before we be concern with a turning lane. Accidents happen because people are traveling at a high rate of speed, driving drunk, or on 9th ave loose control of there vehicle do to the huge bump. People has lost there life because of the previous conditions. Lets fix the streets and provide a better police presence to monitor the traffic, this will cost the village less money and provide safety for the citizens, if we address these problems.

  2. Mr Brunson, I could not agree with you more. The Village administration never has been able to get priorities right. It’s always been let’s make it better on the surface to hide the massive problems that are under the surface (crumbling infrastructure, water mains, sewers, streets, etc.).

    Washington is a freaking mess … holes, bumps, disintegration of asphalt, etc. There is a lot of traffic on Washington. I have hit potholes on Washington that were so deep I thought my suspension would be damaged when I went through them. Fix Washington before going and messing around on Madison.

  3. Not to discount the complaints by the previous contributors, but its a lot cheaper to do the traffic lights in the meantime. Left-hand turn signals should have been installed at those intersections years ago. Heck, the Village even painted the traffic lanes for them. It is about time that they followed through on it

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