D209 Hires New HR Administrator After Second Board Vote

Monday, June 4, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Anthony Brazouski, District 209’s new assistant superintendent of human resources, safety and athletics. | Twitter/Tony Brazouski 

The second time was the charm — at least when it comes to Anthony Brazouski, who was hired as Proviso Township High Schools District 209’s new assistant superintendent of human resources, safety and athletics.

The school board voted 4-3 to approve his appointment at a regular meeting on May 8.  The vote came roughly a month after the school board had initially voted 4-3 against Brazouski’s appointment at a regular meeting on April 10.

Brazouski, who starts on July 1, will receive a base salary of $144,960, in addition to $15,040 that will be put into the Teachers Retirement System. Health and dental benefits total $33,980.

Brazouski replaces Kim Waller-Echols, who announced in April that she was resigning to join another school district.

He comes to D209 from various school districts in Wisconsin, where he has worked as a chief academic officer, chief executive officer and executive director of academic achievement. According to district officials, he has been a consultant for the district for two years and once applied for the principal position at Proviso West.

Brazouski earned a doctorate degree in the Advancement of Leadership, Learning, and Service and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University. He has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and education from Marquette University.

According to a statement released by district officials on June 1, Brazouski has deep personal roots in Proviso Township — particularly in Melrose Park, where he grew up.

“I am proud to join a school district that has for over a century provided excellent educational opportunities to the community, including members of my own family,” he said in the district statement.

Board members Della Patterson, Theresa Kelly and Amanda Grant had been against Brazouski’s hire since Supt. Jesse Rodriguez recommended him to the board in April.

They argued that the process that resulted in Brazouski’s appointment was not fair and echoed concerns of some people on the hiring committee, specifically members of the teachers union, who said that Brazouski was not the best candidate to have emerged from the multi-tiered hiring process — which included four parts, including writing and interview components.

Since then, Rodriguez and other board members have pointed out that some of the claims made by those on the hiring committee were based on inaccurate information. Rodriguez and several board members have since pointed out that Brazouski was, by far, the most qualified candidate in the hiring pool.

Board Vice President Sam Valtierrez switched his vote, making Brazouski’s hiring possible. Valtierrez said that he changed his mind after receiving more information about the hiring process, adding that his vote in April regarding Brazouski’s hiring was based on “hearsay” instead of factual information.

“Just because I might have changed my mind doesn’t mean that I’m not looking out for the best interests of my students, parents, community or teachers,” Valtierrez said. “The information is right there. It’s on paper, it’s not hearsay. Last time, unfortunately, I made a mistake. It was hearsay.”

Board President Ned Wagner said that after he reviewed the hiring process, “it seemed to be complete, fair and handled properly.”

He added that the decision to put the matter back on the agenda for a second vote was cleared by the district’s legal counsel and that the hire falls within the board’s nepotism and hiring policies. VFP 

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District 209’s statement regarding Brazouski’s hire 



3 thoughts on “D209 Hires New HR Administrator After Second Board Vote

  1. I think village free press needs to stop drinking the kook aid that these high paid administrators are mixing !!! As pointed out the process was flawed because dr Rodriguez added parts and inserted himself in the process at his own whim. I hope the board looks at the temper tantrums he has thrown and how he has handled hiring more and more administrators and see just how much he is not what Proviso needs. This new hiree is an example of what he wants to put into place. His friends making money while he takes pics and ignores all the schools except Pmsa. As long as Pmsa shines, Jesse shines and the board and community are blinded by the light and can’t see clearly.

  2. Also, what progress have the schools besides Pmsa truly made because of him? West is in turmoil. East is getting better because of the hard work of hardy and his staff. Be careful of this guy!!!! The board should not give him a long term contract without any proven progress. He is trying to make the teachers look bad while making himself look good. When things don’t go his way he blames the teachers and the processes. The district can do better and deserves better. He comes from a state that overworks and underplays it’s teachers and allows its admin to dictate everything. 209 needs to wake up and wise up. Watch how many new admin positions come up in the next year with Jesse and his new friend leading 209.

  3. I was excited to see a new board but now I can’t wait for elections. This board is not up for the challenge of changing 209. Disbanding dress code with no parent input? More admin at high pay but schools still failing? More violence in schools than ever before? No truancy or attendance policies? Overcrowded classes? What are we doing here folks? Absolutely nothing. Many may not agree with my comments but I visit the schools and have enough people attending or parents of kids to stand by my observations. Seeing is believing. Our schools are still suffering.

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