D209 Athletic Workers To Get Much-Needed Pay Raises, New Scorer’s Tables

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: The district recently purchased scorer’s tables from Sports Media Group, LLC. | Sports Media Group, LLC

The announcers, timers, scorers, scoreboard operators, ticket-tackers and other people who work athletic events for Proviso Township High Schools District 209 will soon get a long overdue bump in pay.

During a regular board meeting on May 8, the D209 school board voted unanimously to increase athletic event workers’ pay from a $20 flat rate per game to a $40 flat rate per game starting July 1.

District officials explained in a board document released last month that the workers have been paid $20 a game for the last 10 years, “with some games lasting three to four hours.” Officials added that it “has been increasingly difficult to fill these positions at a rate of $5 per hour (per four-hour game).”

During the May meeting, board member Theresa Kelly said that she would like to see the “people who had been working these jobs [before the pay bump] to get first preference to keep working. We need to make sure that they’re not overlooked.”

D209 Supt. Jesse Rodriguez explained at the meeting last month that his administration found that some workers “were making $4 an hour because of the flat rate and the amount of hours they were putting in.”

District officials explained that the amount of money that D209 athletic workers were getting paid was much lower than athletic workers at other schools in the IHSA Silver Division. Compensation ranged from $5 to $24 per hour across the division.

For instance, workers at Addison Trail get $96.95 per football game, and $81.64 for volleyball, soccer and basketball games. At Hinsdale Central, workers get $73.45 for working zero to four hours; $11.20 for working between four and six hours; and $146.93 for working six or more hours.

“I’m excited about giving them more money,” said D209 board President Ned Wagner during last month’s board meeting.

Board member Claudia Medina praised the workers, saying that “their dedication is incredible” and “the way they support our kids and work with our teams is remarkable. I was so happy to see this because I believe they deserve much better remuneration.”

Rodriguez said that he hopes that he can bring back to the more a proposal for additional compensation in the future.

“Right now, it’s a good move,” he said.

New digital scorer’s tables coming to East and West

At the May board meeting, the school board also unanimously agreed to enter into a 5-year lease agreement Sports Media Group, LLC for three new 8’ digital scorer’s tables at Proviso East in the amount of $34,288. The board approved an identical agreement with Sports Media Group, LLC for three new tables at Proviso West at a regular meeting on March 13, bringing the total spent on the tables to $68,576.

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4 thoughts on “D209 Athletic Workers To Get Much-Needed Pay Raises, New Scorer’s Tables”

  1. Sooooo the board and supt try to throw taxpayers off the scent by throwing the people who actually work a few extra dollars that they earned a long time ago while they give raises to admin and try to give supt a five year contract. WHo does that ? 209 that’s who ! Let’s not forget how we had to pay out supt we could not get rid of in the past. No other district gives supt five year contracts. This board needs to start listening to the people and not to the supt. Who has only proven that he is a great pr person and nothing more.

  2. A community member said a couple of months ago that the district is even more divided than ever. She spoke truth. This board and supt only preach one Proviso when cameras are around. How often do they visit schools to truly monitor them? Posed pictures, glossy mailings, and catchy slogans are being used to hide the reality. The bulk of our kids are still struggling

  3. So this board really does refuse to listen to the people??????!!!!!! They just voted for an extended contract for supt who has worked hard to divide the board, district and Students while elevating himself and his associates ? The board made a huge mistake. Let’s see how many more administrators, raises and bonuses he gives out over the next few years. The majority of this board seems more concerned with forest park than Proviso township as a whole. This board has disappointed many and I hope people come out and vote for real change not pretend change v

  4. Seven people running on the same slate? Proviso Together?
    Board members Theresa Kelly and Della Patterson pulled a fast one on Proviso Together. Business as usual with these two. #April2019

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