Le Tour De Shore, Le Triomphant!

Monday, June 18, 2018 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Maywood Fine Arts co-founder Lois Baumann completed yet another Le Tour de Shore bike ride, which spans 100 miles from Chicago to New Buffalo, Mich. | Spooner Baumann 

In early 2004, after a decade of traveling to vacation in Union Pier, Mich., by car, friends Lois and Ernie Baumann, and Kay and Steve Coughlin challenged each other to ride their bicycles from the Chicago area to Michigan.

In June of that year, the good friends took each other up on the challenge. Fourteen years later, what started as a friendly challenge has evolved into one of the Chicago area’s best charity recreational bike rides — Le Tour de Shore.

Louis Baumann MFA_6

Ernie, far right, and Lois Baumann during this year’s Le Tour de Shore. | Spooner Baumann 

Louis Baumann MFA_5

Le Tour de Shore participants take a break from the two-day trek. | Spooner Baumann

The “baby boomer foursome,” as the ride’s website describes the friends, take the two-day, 100-mile ride each summer.

This year’s route started with a stroll and photo op in Millennium and Maggie Daley Parks and ended at City Beach New Buffalo, Mich.

Louis Baumann MFA_4

Pancakes, hot off the griddle and flipped onto your plate. | Spooner Baumann 

Louis Baumann MFA_2

The bicycle journey is about more than the pancakes, though, it’s also about the bicyclist’s colorful digs. | Spooner Baumann 

All of the proceeds from the race benefit the nonprofit Maywood Fine Arts, which the Baumanns created in 1979. Together, they’ve provided instruction in tumbling, dance, music and other areas for around 50 years. VFP 

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One thought on “Le Tour De Shore, Le Triomphant!

  1. Great job Lois Baumnann and the MFA family. She has done so much for Maywood youth and the surrounding areas for decades. She is such a treasure!

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