Maywood Approves Zoning Changes For Proposed Housing Developments

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: A proposed housing development located at 1902 S. 5th Ave. in Maywood, one of four buildings that IFF wants to build for low-income and disabled residents. | IFF 

The Maywood Board of Trustees recently approved a series of zoning changes required for a nonprofit to construct rental housing for handicap residents.

During a June 5 regular meeting, the board unanimously approved four zoning changes required for Chicago-based real estate developer IFF to construct four new 3-unit residential buildings specially outfitted to house disabled residents on four currently vacant lots. Trustee Ron Rivers was absent.

The lots, located at 1902, 2009, 2024 and 2032 South 5th Ave. in Maywood, are currently owned by the Cook County Land Bank. IFF first presented its proposal to build the housing units to the Maywood board in February. Board members then moved the matter to the village’s Plan Commission/Zoning Board of Appeals.

Back then, Josh Koonce, the village zoning officer, said that the four sites are currently zoned residential, but require some zoning relief “for a reduction of one parking spot, as well as some minor yard and driveway variances.”

During a public hearing in March, the plan commission unanimously signed off on the zoning variances, recommending that the village board approve them.

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A map of IFF proposal sites in Maywood. | Village of Maywood 

In response to some residents’ concerns about how the proposed unit at 1902 S. 5th Ave. will affect the area’s storm sewer and sanitary sewer systems, the plan commission recommended that Mark Lucas, the village engineer, perform a preliminary review of the potential impact.

During the June 5 meeting, David Myers, the village’s community development coordinator, said that Lucas’s assessment showed that “the four sites will not create a large volume of water on Fifth Avenue.”

According to a memo prepared by Koonce, a permeable paving system that will be installed with the property will permit “nearly all rainwater that falls on its surface to percolate through to the soil below,” which helps reduce stormwater runoff.

Myers added that each unit will have a maximum occupancy of around three people, with a total maximum occupancy for all four buildings of 32 people. So, the area’s sanitary and sewer systems have the “capacity for the anticipated domestic waste load that would be generated by this development,” the memo states.

The four new housing developments proposed in Maywood are part of IFF’s Home First program, which provides quality housing for individuals with various disabilities. The four buildings in  Maywood are part of a larger program that includes 42 units of integrated rental housing across Bellwood, Berwyn, Forest Park and Maywood.

The buildings will include two first-floor, handicap accessible apartments and one second-floor unit.

According to its website, IFF “is a mission-driven lender, real estate consultant, and developer that helps communities thrive by creating opportunities for low-income communities and people with disabilities.”

All of the suburbs IFF is targeting for this type of development are members of the West Cook County Housing Collaborative, which works to expand affordable housing options in the west suburbs. 

At the June 5 meeting, officials did not specify a construction timeline and did not outline what the project costs. VFP 

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  1. Now we’ll just see if the buildings get built. There have been many developers who want to build housing on various vacant Maywood lots. Have we ever seen any new buildings on those lots so far? Nope.

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