A Beautiful Forest Park Home (Partly) Made In Maywood

Friday, June 29, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Linda Cibula, who owns 7503 Madison St. in Forest Park, standing next to the fireplace mantle she obtained at ReUse Depot in Maywood. The clock was a gift from her parents. | VFP 

When members of Kiwanis Club of Forest Park and 209 Together were looking for a place in the area to host a scholarship fundraiser, they didn’t dream that their journey would end on a rooftop on Madison Street in Forest Park.

Thanks to Linda Cibula, who owns 7503 Madison St., that dream materialized on June 28. At least 100 people gathered on the pinnacle of Cibula’s three-story oasis of rustic, well-worn charm to raise more than $10,000 for deserving students at Proviso East, Proviso West and Proviso Math and Science Academy.

IMG_1534 (2)

The rooftop at 7503 Madison St. in Forest Park. | VFP 

Cibula loaned the space at no cost to the group. Whatever it takes, she said, to restore the schools in an area (Proviso Township and the greater western suburbs) she considers home.

The first floor is home to Urban Pioneer Group, which reclaims and rebuilds materials “to make them new again,” according to its website. There’s 1,000 square feet of tin ceiling-capped space that’s available for rent.


The living room at 7503 Madison St. in Forest Park, which is stocked with reclaimed furniture and paintings. | VFP 

Go up a floor, in another part of the building, and you’ll discover the stunning residential space that Cibula, who has a background in architecture and interior design, created herself, with the help of reclaimed materials from ReUse Depot, 50 Madison St. in Maywood.


Attendees at Thursday’s scholarship fundraiser inside of the kitchen that Linda Cibula designed from materials she obtained from ReUse Depot in Maywood. | VFP 

“I go to ReUse Depot all the time,” Cibula said. “That’s my favorite spot.”

She said most of the kitchen is made with materials she obtained from ReUse. She also obtained a large wooden fireplace mantle from the Maywood store.

IMG_1548 (1)

An ornamental acoustic studio door, also known as an elephant door, leads to Cibula’s private bedroom. | VFP 

“That was the bottom of an old organ,” Cibula said, pointing to a wooden stand on which rested a large flat-screen TV (one of the few objects in the home without some rich provenance). “I found it in the basement, painted it white and decided it would be perfect for a television.”


The TV stand made from parts of an old organ that Cibula found. | VFP 

The rooms tell a story and exude meaning and a sense of place, much like their owner. Cibula said that 3,500 square feet of her building (including the residence and rooftop) is available for rent for corporate and charitable events.


A half-bath inside of the Forest Park residence designed by Linda Cibula. | VFP 

“With charities, I’m very lenient,” she said.

To inquiry about renting the space, call Cibula at (708) 205-5035. VFP 



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3 thoughts on “A Beautiful Forest Park Home (Partly) Made In Maywood

  1. All I can say is the event for the 209 Together/Kiwanis Forest Park Scholarship Fund was a wonderful turnout! It was just absolutely amazing to see all the residents in the Proviso Township (Forest Park, Maywood, Bellwood, Melrose Park, Westchester, and etc.) to come together and invest our students’ future, that are going to lead the way and change the world forever. I’m so glad that the event raised more than $10,000+ and will go directly towards the scholarship to give our high school graduates an opportunity to succeed.

    This event was all about building bridges in the Proviso Township community for far too long have operated like islands. When one community suffers, the entire community suffers. I hope that next year will be bigger and better, and have more residents in the Proviso Township to come and support our students.

  2. Amazing act of kindness. It’s nice when people think of others, and not just themselves. Puts hope in the world, best wishes to Ms. Cibulas and all the love to the people that do these great things for the future keepers of this place we call home. Much love to all.

    1. SISCO KID: I am glad that you enjoyed this article. Kindness does goes a long way, when it is used correctly. It definitely makes a big difference in humanity around the world. The event was all about building bridges in the Proviso Township community, for far too long have been operated on islands.

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