Broadview Officers Honored For Work In Lindop Crisis, Saving Two Lives In A Day

Sunday, August 5, 2018 || By Igor Studenkov || @maywoodnews 

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Officials from Lindop Elementary School District 92 offered heartfelt thanks to the Broadview Police Department for their help during and following a May 3 incident, when eight students were taken to the hospital after suffering asthma attacks. 

The school officials thanked the officers during the public comment period at a July 16 Broadview Board of Trustees meeting. The school officials were especially grateful for the compassion and care the officers showed for their students. And later during the meeting, village officials honored another police officer for saving two lives earlier that month.

According to a Chicago Tribune report published May 3, eight students suffered asthma attacks and were hospitalized on May 2. Broadview police and fire departments went in to investigate, conducted air quality tests and found that whatever caused the asthma attacks wasn’t related to air quality or any other environmental factors, so other students weren’t in danger.

Janiece Jackson, the school’s superintendent, told the board that she appreciated the support the officers provided in the wake of the incident.

“At the time when tensions [between the community and the police] are high and trust is low, it’s good that there are still good people in the village of Broadview,” she said.

“We were able to lean on the Broadview Police Department without reservation,” she added. “[Police] Chief [Kevin] Eugling, Lt. [Thomas] Kostka and Detective [Richmond] Clayton, just to name a few, and the entire team rallied around us in support, because we indeed are family. On behalf of Lindop School District 92, we humbly thank you.”

Lindop Board of Education officials offered their thanks as well. Board President Carla Joiner-Herrod said that she agreed with the superintendent that the positive actions of their local police department deserved to be heralded.

“When you think about it, how many times do we hear right now about negative comments all over the country, in Chicago, in regards to our police departments?” she said. “So I really thought how important it was to communicate good things about our police department.”

Joiner-Herrod said that she particularly appreciated the compassion the officers showed to students.

“We had a crisis, a crisis at our school … We needed the police to come in, and they came in with compassion, they came in without cost, and they came in as a partner,” she said, “and we really  appreciate it.”

Joiner-Herrod also said that the police officers response was a learning experience for students.

“It was important,”  she said. “Sometimes, you know, people are afraid of police officers. Our police officers made sure that they went into the cafeteria and they interacted with our students so that, in community, they’re not just police officers, they’re police friends.”

Broadview Mayor Katrina Thompson said that she appreciated the kind words.

“We’re grateful to be of assistance in your time of need,” she said. “You guys can always count on us, no matter what the issue is, we’ll be here to support and protect and make sure we live in a vibrant community. So thank you guys for recognizing the chief and the staff. We appreciate that.”

Officer honored for saving two lives in a day

Later during the meeting, the village gave a division award to officer Steve Larson for saving two lives on July 3. As Eugling explained to the board, he delivered “life-saving chest compressions” to an “unresponsive female subject” until paramedics got there.

And three hours later, when Larson responded to a call about a possible overdose, he was able to revive the person by administering Narcan, an anti-opioid spray that reverses the effects of an opioid overdose.

Eugling noted that Larson knew both of those skills thanks to the training Broadview police officers get from the Broadview Fire Department paramedics. VFP 

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