Leamington Foods In Hillside Closed, State Lawmaker Says, ‘Bye!’

Monday, October 1, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Leamington Foods in Hillside, which closed recently. | Rep. Chris Welch/Facebook 

Leamington Foods, located at 550 Mannheim Rd. in Hillside, has closed, according to an employee of Living Fresh Market, the Forest Park store that is owned by the four Casaccio brothers — Ken, Daniel, Terry and Timothy John — who also own Leamington Foods, Inc., the company that managed the Hillside store.

The employee did not provide any more details other than to confirm that the store has closed. The store’s co-owner, Ken Casaccio, could not be reached for comment on Monday afternoon.

In a statement about the closing posted to Facebook, state Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch (7th), a resident of Hillside, said that the store was not needed in the community.

“Hillside is not a food desert,” he wrote. “Hillside has a grocery store inside Target less than a mile down the same street. We don’t need grocery stores like Leamington in our neighborhoods. They provide poor quality at high prices. They prey on poor people. This particular store was always dirty, and it smelled like it. We should demand the best and support them when they are here. Leamington was far from the best! Bye Leamington!”

According to prior news reports, Leamington Foods, which also has a location on Chicago’s West Side, has been the source of bitter complaints from residents in that area, many of whom have posted poor reviews online.

Casaccio told Forest Park Review in January that Living Fresh Market and Leamington Foods are two companies that are operated independently of each other.

“It has nothing to do with the other; it’s a separate venture all by itself,” Casaccio said of Living Fresh. VFP

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11 thoughts on “Leamington Foods In Hillside Closed, State Lawmaker Says, ‘Bye!’”

  1. that is so true, never shopped there and they certainly were not clean in any way. Sad that they thought because they are in areas that serve poorer people they could take advantage. The same for Berkeley foods. Neither of these stores are any good and luckily I can go directly to Jewel in Elmhurst and get good products for a good price as well as Aldi’s. Just waiting for Aldi to get remodeled like Broadview. I hope they do this…

  2. I am in total agreement with the previous statement, Leamington food store in that area Was appalling, it smelled awful & the food was of poor quality, the prices were outrageous, I feel for the residents that Now have to venture further to get the kind of groceries they deserve, I no longer live in the area but have now similar experience with the store ” FAIRPLAY, I HOPE SOMEDAY… THE PROPER PEOPLE WILL LOOK INTO THIS STORE AS WELL 🤔

  3. Worked for the family, sold me decomposed jimmy Dean sausage. Owner looked at me like he crazy !! No apologies at all ,took forever for my refund, I work there! Low life Family!!!!!

  4. The cashier steals I had a incident where the cashier tried to cheat me out of 35.00 dollars I haven’t been back to that store since prices were to high some of the meats didn’t smell right they would wash there old chicken an season it with that red spicy seasoning to sell

  5. I can’t say I’m to surprised, Leamingtons was not the best, nor is Berkeley Foods. To be honest I’ve shopped it both only for certain items. I will miss the convenience around the Hoildays when forgetting certain items. I LOVE SHOPPING AT PETE’S FRESH MARKET!!!🤗

  6. Shoulda been gone! Ripped those people off long enough with all that rotted meat! How did they even survive this long is a mystery.

  7. I am glad the article was published. I shopped there when I lived in Hillside…. Hopefully when they tear the building down The Press will do a follow up article. In my experience the prices were reasonable for a single mom with 2 kids (1997) and I never returned any meat or such because it was rotten.
    Bashing the store from the State Rep now that I missed. I wonder if he before all the negativity looked into or inquired about issues the store had, why wait til it closed and then comment. That I am aware of, he could have. Seems to me if it was the only local grocery store before Target and you live and work for Hillside shouldnt there have been some kind of positve dialog to help? Thats just my opinion, but I was really shock to hear that the article was written because of “blasting” from our state representative after the store closed. Which by the way I have been reading alot of positive things about him over the last several months.

  8. I shopped at Leamington in Hillside. They always had what I needed. It was close to my home. The people that worked there were so helpful. I will truly miss this store.

  9. I stop going because of the smell. I also stop going to Jewel when they were there because of the smell. I had no problem with Leamington.My family who live in Will and Dupage counties would still come there for their greens and smoke meats.

  10. We are going to miss Leamington, especially because of the fresh greens and other African American goods that Target and Jewel will not stock. The staff was friendly and helpful and now will be out of work. Our State Rep. should have considered that a lot of residents looked to Leamington as a grocery store which had the African American community in mind. I do admit there was a smell occasionally coming from a meat section but we never purchased any spoiled meat. But we have had to return spoiled meat to other grocery stores in the area.

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