Village Free Press Now Proviso Township’s Paper Of Record

Sunday, October 28, 2018 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews 

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Village Free Press is now Proviso Township’s newspaper of public record, which means that we’ve been authorized to publish public or legal notices, such as government bids and requests for proposals.

We obtained this distinction by publishing our weekly print edition for 52 consecutive weeks. Legal notice revenue is absolutely essential to our ability to fund independent news for Proviso Township, so I’m asking supporters of this paper to encourage your local elected officials to place their legal notices with Village Free Press.

Village Free Press is also among the newest members of Cook County Suburban Publishers and the Illinois Press Association, one of the largest state press organizations in the country.

The IPA was founded in 1865 and represents more than 450 daily and weekly newspapers in the state, including the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune.

I haven’t looked too deeply into this yet, but I think I may be perhaps the youngest publisher, and one of the few African Americans, in that group. That’s important not only to me, but also to IPA, because the organization wants to become more diverse in its representation.

As a member of IPA, Village Free Press receives legal, legislative and advertising support that we probably can’t get anywhere else. We also get the opportunity to win editorial awards that the organization, which is based in Springfield, gives out each year.

Again, I can’t stress enough how critical legal notice revenue is to our ability to provide free and independent news to the great people of Proviso Township. We want to continue to do this. Encourage your elected officials from all kinds of taxing bodies (i.e., village governments, park districts, library districts, school districts, etc.) to publish their legal and public notices with Village Free Press.

That revenue allows us to continue to give you free news and to stay in business, which is important to the communities we serve.

As Paul Starr said: “More than any other medium, newspapers have been our eyes on the state, our check on private abuses, our civic alarm systems.”

Help us keep sounding that alarm.

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4 thoughts on “Village Free Press Now Proviso Township’s Paper Of Record

  1. Congratulations on becoming Proviso Township’s Paper of Record.. You do a great job. I read the villagefreepress daily..I wish you continued success.

  2. This is outstanding news, Michael! I am so proud of how you grew this amazing outlet of news that was compensating the old newspapers of the “Maywood Herald” and “Melrose Park Herald” that was gone for so many years in the late 2000s. I read “The Village Free Press” and other newspapers in the Proviso Township to know what is going on in my community. Your newspaper is finally “building bridges” and giving the voice to the residents. Keep striving higher and let’s take your newspaper to newer heights!

  3. Good thing come to good people. Thank you for all your hard work, we appreciate all your time and effort. Continue keeping that spotlight on all issues and groth points in our village and those around us. We will continue to support The Village Free Press. Congrats, much love.

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