Maywood Man Complicit In Toddler’s 2013 Murder Sentenced, Released

Friday, November 23, 2018 || By DeJada Daily/Dominican Star || @maywoodnews 

A Maywood man who helped to cover up the murder of his girlfriend’s 20-month-old son was recently sentenced and released.

On Nov. 15, at Maybrook Courthouse in Maywood, Michael Scott, 27, was sentenced to five years in prison for concealing the 2013 homicide of toddler Bryeon Hunter.

The 2,039 days he spent imprisoned since his 2013 arrest was credited to his sentence. He was placed on supervision for a year.

Five years ago, Hunter’s mother, Lakeisha Baker, 27, beat the boy to death in a Maywood apartment that she shared with Scott, and stuffed his body into Scott’s backpack before throwing him into the Des Plaines River.

After the killing, Hunter and Scott fabricated a story that three Hispanic men in an SUV kidnapped the baby. That led to an Amber Alert. A local man, Robert Larson, found Hunter’s badly decomposed body in the river 30 days later.

Baker pleaded guilty to murder in May of this year and was sentenced to 35 years in prison. 

At Scott’s Thursday sentencing, his attorney said that the 27-year-old Maywood man was “remorseful and promising that this incident will not take place again.” 

“He threw this baby out like he was garbage!” the prosecutor said.

Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 5.28.20 PM

Michael Scott | Cook County Sheriff’s Office 

Standing in a yellow jail-issued jumpsuit, and with his head slightly tilted down, Scott repeatedly apologized for his actions before confessing.

“In May 2013, I did help my accomplice in hiding the death of Bryson,” Scott said. “I knew right from wrong. Not one day goes by I wish I could’ve helped Bryeon. This will affect me in more ways than you can think of. I am willing to take responsibility for my actions. I am sincerely sorry.”

The judge then criticized Baker’s and Scott’s neighbors, many of whom were Scott’s relatives.

They heard the cries and screams of the baby, but never alerted Child Protective Services, the police or intervened with Baker to stop beating Hunter, the judge said.

“You saw this day in and day out! No one intervened! You had a chance to save that little life!” the judge said angrily. VFP 

DeJada Daily is a reporter with Dominican University’s official student newspaper, the Dominican Star

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