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First, a note on progress: Since we’re limited in our time and resources, our ambitions may sometimes outpace our abilities to realize them. So, certain features and articles we intend for publication in any given week may take a while to roll out. Bear with us! This is a living experiment, but we promise you’ll see improvement every week.

Now, looking to the future, here’s a sneak peek at what’s (still) on the books:

  • Parts 2 and 3 of Mayor Yarbrough interview. Before the interview was set up, we agreed to let the former Mayor sign off on each part we published. That was the deal. Right now, we’re just waiting for him to approve the rest.
  • We still plan on exploring solar panels and speaking with members of the Environmental and Beautification Commission.
  • We’ll inaugurate a new section called “Fiscally Speaking,” which will explore issues such as the Village’s budget, taxes and pensions next week. The learning curve in this area is rather steep, but we’re swiftly progressing.
  • The interview with Northica Stone, President of Operation Uplift and Jeri Stenson, the curator of the West Town Historical Museum, will be published next week.
  • We’ll take you inside a day in the life of Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry in what promises to be a revealing article.
  • And MORE!

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Coming Soon

Carryovers from last week (continuing articles in a series or items intended for publication last week):

  • The last two parts of the interview with former Mayor Henderson Yarbrough are set for publication this week.
  • We’ll publish the interview with Jerry Kurzac, the developer who attracted the McDonald’s on 5th and Roosevelt.
  • We’ll talk solar panels and Maywood’s general plans for going green with members of the Village’s Environmental Beautification Commission.

New to this week:

  • We’ll inaugurate a new section of this blog called “Fiscally Speaking,” which will cover the ins-and-outs of Maywood fiscal matters — budgets, financial audits, taxes, etc. — and address various citizen concerns.
  • We’ll publish an interview with Larry Shapiro, the former communications director for the Village. He talks about his role as communications director, his involvement with the Maywood Seniors Club and more.

In the works (for publication either this week or next):

  • A visit to the West Town Historical Museum is in the works. We’ll take a tour of the museum, hopefully talk with its administrators and discuss the upcoming First Annual African-American Heritage Trail Tours, among other things.
  • An interview with Jan Pate, President and CEO of the West Cook YMCA is in the works. We’ll talk about the YMCA’s reinvigorated presence in Maywood through the Fred Hampton Aquatic Center, its efforts to attract funding, what the ‘Y’ needs from you to make it work here in Maywood and a whole lot more.
  • We’ll also try landing a visit to the home of Maywood resident Dan Perkins, a boxing enthusiast and savant who lives in what I’m told is a virtual museum dedicated to the sport. But Dan knows more than boxing. You might be particularly interested in his insights on Negro League baseball.

And, as always, surprises are in store, so keep reading!

Coming Soon

Here’s a preview of what’s to come this week:

  • Tomorrow, at 7pm, we’ll be live tweeting the board meeting and the swearing-in to take place afterwards.
  • An interview with Jerry Kurzac, the developer behind the upcoming McDonald’s on 5th and Roosevelt. Mr. Kurzac talks about his company’s plans for enhancing the Roosevelt Road corridor and his ambitions for increasing the Village’s economic interaction with the expansive medical complex that faces the Road.
  • An exit interview with the outgoing Mayor Henderson Yarbrough is in the works. We plan for this to be the most comprehensive, in-depth interview that the Mayor’s given perhaps since taking office eight years ago. He’ll talk about everything from his legacy to his plans once he leaves office. This is Mayor Yarbrough in his OWN words, unfiltered, unmediated.
  • In the “Out and About” section, a candid short discussion with Trustee Michael Rogers on his decision to resign, his plans for economic development and what he was doing when I happened to run into him.
  • Some insight on the ins and outs of solar panels and a more comprehensive inquiry into the Village’s ‘green’ ambitions.