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Maywood Does Thanksgiving In the Generous Style of Eugene Moore


Shavonne Henry, who organized a Thanksgiving Day dinner in honor of former Cook County Recorder of Deeds Eugene “Gene” Moore. | Michael Romain/VFP

moore_iiiThursday, November 24, 2016 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews

Crowds strolled in and out of the lower level of Maywood’s Second Baptist Church, 436 S. 13th Ave., today during a Thanksgiving feast fit for a man who, when he was alive, was known throughout Cook County for his gift of giving.

Eugene “Gene” Moore, the first African American to represent the 7th District and a former Cook County Recorder of Deeds, passed away in June, but relatives and supporters of the late political powerhouse are making sure that his legacy doesn’t die with him.

“Back in the day, when he was a state representative, he used to feed the homeless,” said Shavonne Henry.

Henry, along with her mother Sue, decided to replicate Moore’s largesse during a dinner held at Moore’s longtime church home this afternoon. Henry said she and her mother corralled a committee of people back in the summer to start planning the dinner. Most of the food, which anyone who showed up at the church could eat freely, was donated by community members.

“After he passed, I sat at home and God gave it to me to do this,” Shavonne said. “I put it on Facebook to see what would be the response and it’s been nothing but good things happening ever since.”

Henry said the event was particularly targeted to senior citizens and those who may not have a family to go to. But, regardless of your personal story, Henry said, if you showed up,  you had a right to eat.

“Gene didn’t care who you were,” she said. “If somebody walked in the door, he said, ‘Feed them!’ Because you never know if you’re going to be on the other side of the table. I just wanted to bring that back.”

For two of Moore’s grandchildren, Chase and Cheyenne Moore, (pictured below left), who were raised by their grandfather, today’s dinner was particularly resonant.


“Shavonne brought the idea to me back in August or September and asked me how I felt about it and said do we think we can pull it off,” said Chase. “She got our blessings.

“I used to go with him all the time when he would serve people in Maywood on Thanksgiving,” he said. “The homeless, the less fortunate would come out and we’d serve them food and give them canned goods. We did it every year until he became recorder.”

“This has been a hard year for me losing my grandaddy and my great-grandaddy [Eugene Moore’s father, who died in January], but seeing how people appreciate him makes me really, really happy,” said Cheyenne. “I think about my grandaddy everyday. Me and my brother miss him everyday. This is really the first time we’ve been on our own.”

Both Cheyenne and Chase, in addition to the Henrys, have pledged to keep the tradition going, with Shavonne noting that she’s looking into planning a similar feast during the Christmas holiday.

“We have to keep this going and keep giving back,” said Chase. “What people need to understand is that our grandfather never did this because he was a politician. He really loved Maywood. If he were alive, he’d be here on one leg, in a wheelchair, sick, whatever. He wouldn’t miss this for anything.”

“He loved this town and this church so much,” said Cheyenne.

Now, said Maywood Mayor Edwenna Perkins, it’s up to the town to show that love in return. The mayor noted that, in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, the village handed out more than 300 turkeys to numerous local food pantries. It’s an annual tradition that’s a fixture in the budget. 

Those 300 free turkeys were on top of the nearly 400 distributed by the Maywood nonprofit PLCCA and several dozen, donated by a local business, that were distributed by the Maywood Police Department.

Thursday’s dinner in honor of Eugene Moore shows that they’re acts of kindness that keep on giving, the mayor said.

“What we’re doing is reliving his legacy, because he did it for the people,” she said. “Gene was a people’s person.” VFP


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Isiah Brandon, Henderson Yarbrough Tops in Votes for Maywood Trustee

Isiah BrandonTuesday, April 7, 2015 || By Michael Romain 

With 16 of 17 precincts reporting, Isiah Brandon (pictured) leads the field of eleven candidates vying for three seats on the Maywood Board of Trustees. Brandon has garnered 938 votes, or 14.82 percent of the vote total. Former mayor Henderson Yarbrough is close behind him, with 829 votes, or 13.09 percent of the total. Ronald Rivers and Chase Moore are battling for the remaining board seat. Rivers leads Moore by just five votes — 816 to 811. Voter turnout in the village has hovered around 16 percent so far, a level consistent with turnout levels across Cook County. For more results, click hereVFP

BREAKING: Brandon, Scaggs Survive Nomination Challenges

Isiah Brandon speaksJanuary, 16, 2015 || By Michael Romain

Maywood’s three-member local electoral board overturned the challenges to the campaigns of Isiah Brandon (pictured left) and Marcius Scaggs during a hearing held today, Jan. 16., at village chambers.

The board–comprising Trustee Audrey Jaycox, Village Clerk Viola Mims and Mayor Edwenna Perkins–voted 2-1 against the claims of Maywood resident Atrayule Perkins (no relation to the Mayor). Trustee Jaycox was the only nay vote.

Perkins had objected to both candidacies based on the central claim that neither lives at the residency at which he is required to vote.

Doug Ibendahl, the attorney representing both candidates, moved to strike and dismis Atrayule’s challenge during a hearing held Jan. 7, arguing that the objector’s claim “relies upon an incorrect legal interpretation of the statutory requirements of the Ilinois election code and the Illinois municipal code,” according to the candidate’s motion.

Now that Brandon and Scaggs have been cleared to appear on the ballot, this sets up a battle between two main tickets and a host of independent candidates that include sitting trustee Cheryl Ealey Cross.

Brandon and Scaggs are running on a three-person slate that also includes Chase Moore. Both candidates strongly suspect the Perkins challenge to be the workings of their main opposition — the three-person ticket comprising former Maywood mayor Henderson Yarbrough, Sr., outgoing District 209 Board member Readith Ester and sitting trustee Ron Rivers. VFP