Tag: Corrections

Corrections: December 22, 2013

In the December 16, 2013, article “Quick News: Maywood Housing Authority to Remain Open Throughout 2014, SEIU Local 73 Expresses Lack of Confidence in Village HR Dept. and More…” we mistakenly implied that the Local 73 SEIU was the exclusive union of the Maywood Fire Department. A Village employee clarified that this is not the case. The union also represents the Village of Maywood union staff, not just the Fire Department. This article has since been emended.


Corrections: August 15 – 26

In the August 15, posting “Maywood Entryway Signs Unveiling, August 17,” we misspelled the names of Charles Divers, writing Charles Drivers, instead; and John S. Van Bergen, writing John S. Van Beyer.” This post has since been amended.

In the August 21, posting “The Weekend in Review,” we mispelled the names of Walter William and Pete Bozeous (this is the closest we’ve come to a correct spelling. If anyone has information either verifying this spelling or providing a more accurate spelling of Pete’s last name, please let us know). This article has since been amended.

In the August 26, posting, “Hinsdale Community Bank Hoping to Build Branch in Maywood,” we incorrectly referred to Hugh Franklin as the director of community lending for InTel development. Mr. Franklin is the senior executive vice president and community development officer for Proviso Community Bank. This article has since been amended.






Corrections: July 10 – August 7

A July 24, posting, “Area Nonprofit Wears Its Growth On Its Sleeves,” indicated that Dr. Tanesha D.H. Pittman was currently employed as the Executive Director for Benedictine University’s Moser College of Adult and Professional Studies. This is incorrect, as Dr. Pittman no longer works for Benedictine University. This article has since been amended.