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Maywood, Bellwood Losing Millions of Dollars in Unpaid Property Taxes | Vacant Lots for Sale


Sunday, February 5, 2017 || By Michael Romain || @maywoodnews || Updated: 9:01 a.m.

This Sunday, the Chicago Sun-Times published a partial list of the more than 66,000 properties in Cook County with unpaid property taxes.

According to a Feb. 3 article published on the Sun-Times’ website, the listing is released in “preparation for an April auction that allows investors to buy unpaid property taxes from delinquent property owners countywide.”

More property listings are supposed to be published on Feb. 8 and Feb. 9, the article notes. The tax sale, which is facilitated by Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas, “will auction almost $212 million worth of taxes that went unpaid in tax year 2015 by owners of residential and commercial properties as well as vacant lots, according to an official with the treasurer’s office.”

Included among the 66,109 properties (which comprise a total of $212 million in unpaid taxes) are 1,457 properties in Proviso Township (for a township total of $8.62 million in unpaid taxes).

Nearly 26 percent (374) of Proviso Township’s delinquent properties are located in Maywood, which has a total of $1.7 million in unpaid property taxes represented in the Sun-Times listing. Bellwood contains roughly 15 percent (216) of those delinquent properties, for a total of $1.53 million in unpaid property taxes.


Graphic: Chicago Sun-Times


Chart: Village Free Press

The following are the commercial/industrial properties in Bellwood, Broadview, Maywood and Melrose Park with the highest tax delinquencies on the Sun-Times’ delinquent property tax list (all are for tax year 2015):

  • 110 S. 25th Ave., Bellwood | Golden Lake Real Estate | $223,448.23
  • 1812 Roosevelt Rd., Broadview | HB Owens Investments | $37,546.44
  • 1000 St. Charles Rd., Maywood | Tri-Star Surplus | $49,592.37
  • 110 N. 25th Ave., Melrose Park | Golden Lake Real Estate | $443,092.89



Top to bottom: The most tax delinquent commercial/industrial properties in Bellwood, Broadview, Maywood and Melrose Park. Photos are from the Cook County Property Tax Portal

In addition to that tax sale (properties in Proviso Township will go on sale on April 4), two more sales are scheduled to happen in July and December, the Sun-Times notes.

“Two other similar sales are set to start later this year: the 2017 “tax scavenger” sale in July, and the sale of property taxes that went unpaid in 2016, which is set for December, said Madre Belmer, a tax examiner in the Cook County Clerk’s office. ‘There are three tax sales this year, and that’s unprecedented,’ he said.”

Anyone seeking to purchase delinquent taxes is required to register for the auction “between Feb. 10 and March 24 at CookTaxSale.com or by contacting the treasurer’s office at (877) 361-7325. The sale will begin April 3. Buyers can purchase a real-time list of the taxes for sale for $250.”

To read the full Sun-Times article, click here.

Cook County Land Bank Selling Vacant Lots


A screenshot of the Cook County Land Bank’s interactive property viewer showing the many tax-delinquent vacant lots the bank is selling in Maywood. 

In an attempt to put some of Cook County’s tax-delinquent vacant lots to use, the Cook County Land Bank is selling more than 4,400 of those lots. The prices range between $3,000 and $5,000.

According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, “Many of the lots have sat vacant for a decade or more, and are among 8,000 tax-delinquent properties the land bank aims to sell to local developers, not-for-profits, block clubs and community organizations to help revive neighborhoods hit by the foreclosure crisis and the decline of manufacturing.”

At least 14 of those parcels are in Bellwood, more than 50 are located in Maywood and a couple are in Melrose Park. For info on those particular lots, visit the land bank’s interactive map identifying those parcels.

To apply for any of these parcels, visit the land bank’s website here. To read the entire Tribune article, click here. VFP

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