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Melrose Park Cubs Fan Celebrates 100th Birthday At Wrigley Field

Sunday, April 15, 2018 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews 

Featured image: Santo Grimaldi, who celebrated his 100th birthday at Wrigley Field on Friday, speaks to WGN reporter Erin Ivory. | John Saccomanno/Facebook 

Santo Grimaldi, a WWII veteran who lives in Melrose Park, walked slowly, but purposefully to his seat inside of Wrigley Field on April 13.

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8 Broadview Students Hospitalized for Asthma-like Symptoms on May 3

Lindop emergency.jpegMonday, May 8, 2017 || By Local News Curator || @maywoodnews

According to a WGN News Channel 9 report, eight students who attend Lindop Elementary School, 2499 S. 18th Ave. in Broadview, were hospitalized after complaining to school officials about asthma-like symptoms:

“Police and fire departments responded to Lindop Elementary School, 2400 18th Ave., at about 11 a.m. Wednesday.

“The students were taken to the hospital and released to their parents.

“Authorities say air quality tests were taken and no issues were found.

No other students or staff have reported being sick. School has since resumed.”

The report also published a letter from Lindop Supt. Dr. Janiece Jackson was posted to the school’s website:

I write with information regarding events that occurred this morning at the District.  First and foremost, please know that students and staff are safe and there is no ongoing health concern.  Earlier this morning, the District learned that a handful of students in one class felt ill.  Because of student confidentiality, that is all I am able to share at this time.  The District took swift and immediate action to ensure the safety and well-being of the student body by contacting emergency services.  The Broadview Police and Fire Department arrived at the District and after investigating the matter, and conducting an air quality test, determined that the incident was not related to an environmental issue, and had no concerns with the District’s facilities.

No additional students and no staff have reported feeling ill.  The District is continuing with normal operations for the remainder of the day.  I will keep you informed of any developments.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank You

Dr. Janiece Jackson

Lindop Superintendent

WGN: Woman Found Dead After Bellwood House Fire

Annie Lee Cooley.jpgWednesday, June 22, 2016 || Originally Published: WGN TV || By WGN Web Desk and Tonya Francisco 

BELLWOOD, Ill. — A woman was found dead after a house fire in west suburban Bellwood.

The fire started around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday at 3321 Wilcox, possibly in a back bedroom.

Officials say Annie Lee Cooley, who was in her late 80s, died in the fire.

Several others in the home at the time managed to make it out and call 9-1-1.

Investigators are looking into the cause of the fire. VFP

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WGN: Proviso East Investigates Hallway Fight Caught on Camera


Thursday, May 14, 2015 || Originally Published: WGN TV || 5/13/15 || By Erik Runge

MAYWOOD, Ill. — A fight caught on camera between two Proviso East High School girls appears to show two security guards just watching as it happened.

The two eventually jumped in to stop the fight but not after several punches were thrown.

The district said they didn’t know about the video until WGN emailed it to them this morning.

A heavy police presence came Wednesday afternoon outside Proviso East High School in Maywood, Ill., all in an effort to prevent a fight from breaking out.

Two girls, one of which WGN was told was pregnant, started throwing punches. Not only did a group of students watch, so did the two security guards; they don’t even try and break it up until one of the girls pounds on the other while she’s on the ground.

Even after they did jump in the fight continued.

So instead of the two being separated, more punches were thrown. The fight doesn’t end until it appears another security guard or teacher jumps between the two. The whole thing last less than a minute.

The district released a statement, saying:

“The safety of our students is a priority in our schools. The district’s expectation is that the security staff will intervene appropriately in an unfortunate incident such as this. We have reviewed the video, completed our investigation, and are taking appropriate action.” VFP

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A Community at a Standstill: Search and Rescue Efforts for Bryeon Hunter Continue

A Cadaver Dog Sniffs Through Brush
A Cadaver Dog Sniffs Through Brush

“I’m restless. It’s unbearable to know that there’s a child out here and we have no clue where he is,” said Germaine Porter. Her own child, Kenneth Porter, Jr., was murdered nine years ago as he was walking home from Proviso East High School, shot to death by a boy with a grudge. Porter, a member of Mothers of Murdered Sons, is one of more than 40 volunteers who’ve assisted with the rescue efforts of one-year old Bryeon Hunter, who was murdered last week by his mother and her boyfriend. Some have trampled in the muck themselves in search for the small body. Others have helped distribute water and refreshments to the professionals.

Germaine Porter is Interviewed by Television Reporter
Germaine Porter is Interviewed by Television Reporter. On the Button Pinned to Her Chest Is the Face of Her Son.

Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry was a few feet away from Porter, looking out toward the slowly receding Des Plaines River at its 1st and Madison point. The location, the Chief said, is one of several points along the river that the Maywood Police Department, in collaboration with the Cook County Sheriff’s Department, have chosen to focus on. The others include 1st and Oak, 1st and Washington, 1st and Chicago and near Maybrook Courthouse. He wanted people to know that he and his officers “have been searching everyday since” Hunter went missing. “We’ve never been out of the picture,” he said.

Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry Coordinates Search
Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry Coordinates Search

He also emphasized that, although officials caution volunteers from getting so involved in the search that they hamper the efforts of the professionals, “Nothing stops [people] from rolling up their sleeves, being on the look out and reporting what they see.” Of course, volunteers should understand that they assist at their own risk.

Germaine Porter Assists in the Search
Germaine Porter Assists in the Search

As we stood on the scene, Trustee-elect Michael Rogers and Trustee Melvin Lightford walked up to the bridge. “I’m here as a citizen,” Rogers said, as he looked on. Trustee Ronald Rivers, who’d been talking with Ms. Porter when I arrived, lamented what he felt was a negativity bias that the media had with Maywood. He said that the only time people filmed or printed content about the Village was when there was something bad happening. As he opined, a WGN satellite van was parked in front of him. Another was parked around the corner, outside of the unincorporated zone and in front of the River Forest Community Center — a world and a stone’s throw away.

WGN News Van
WGN News Van Parked Outside of River Forest Community Center